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Carnal Gift
Leisure, Mar 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0843952067 English Protestant Jamie Blakewell hopes his Oxford University friend Lord Sheffield Tate III can influence the House of Lords to employ a navy against the French. However, Sheff is not the same caring person Jamie knew and respected. Instead he seems abusive, mean spirited and obsessed, especially with Irish Catholic lass Brighid. Jamie decides to keep Brighid safe by hiding her from his former friend ...
Sweet Release
Leisure, Mar 2003, 5.99, 374 pp. ISBN: 0843951699 In 1730, shipbuilding mogul Alec Kenleigh warns his younger brother Philip that he went too far when he failed to live up to his responsibility. Philip claimed the teen he abandoned with his child growing inside her was a whore. An angry Alec insists Philip should have taken care of the woman, who died trying to abort the baby. Not long afterward, Alec is beaten, given a new name of Cole Braden...