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Stinker from Space
This is the first book in a two-part series. Tsynq Yr is a Sylon scout and pilot, spying behind the enemy lines of the Zarnk Empire. When escaping from a pursuing Zarnk battleship, Tsynq Yr puts his stolen scout ship into hyperdrive and crashes on Earth. His body cannot survive the impact, so the telepathic alien commandeers the body of one of the planet's native species—a skunk. Tsynq Yr is befriended by young Karen, who (mistakenly) gives the ...
Stinker's Return
After his adventure in “Stinker from Space,” scout pilot Tsynq Yr (aka Stinker) has returned to the Sylon Confederacy with vital information preventing a Zarnk invasion. Stinker is hailed as a hero, but the president of the Sylon Confederacy informs him that when he crash-landed on Earth and stole a U.S. government space shuttle, he intruded upon Twakish territory. Now, Stinker must appease the Twak and return to Earth to find the High Gyrn of Twak the...
The Reluctant God
Lorna Patterson is the daughter of a renowned archaeologist. Lorna doesn't fit in at her English boarding school, and she looks forward to the times when she can help her father on one of his digs in Egypt. Ameni is an ancient Egyptian prince, brother to the pharaoh's heir. Ameni is weary of his endless lessons, and he runs away to experience adventure far from the palace. Soon after, the pharaoh dies and Ameni is tracked down by his old mentor. H...
Under Alien Stars
About ten years have passed since Earth was conquered by the Tsorians, a militaristic alien race. The Tsorians use Earth as a military base from which to defend their empire against the Hykzoi. Jason, a teenager, despises his mother for collaborating with the Tsorians in her job at the aliens' Earth headquarters. He especially resents her apparent closeness with the Tsorian commander. But then Jason discovers that his mother is secretly a Resister—an...

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