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Abby: California Gold
When her mother becomes ill with a mysterious fever, thirteen-year-old old Abby Kendall's father decides to send her and the other children away from Hawaii. Abby, her younger sister Sarah, and their adopted Hawaiian brother Kini join Luke as he travels back to his Aunt Dagmar's home in California. It's April 1848, and soon after arriving, the children learn that gold has been discovered in California. When Luke's aunt treats them terribly, forcing them ...
Abby: Lost at Sea
It's 1847, and when her parents announce that the family will be moving to Hawaii to help her sick uncle on his ranch, thirteen-year-old Abby Kendall is devastated. She doesn't want to leave her home, or her friends, particularly her best friend, Luke. An orphan who lives with his cruel aunt, Luke is like one of the family, but his aunt refuses to let him move to Hawaii with the Kendalls. Abby boards a ship for the sea voyage to Hawaii with her family, n...
Abby: Quest for Treasure
Thirteen-year-old Abby Kendall and her family have been living with her Uncle Samuel on his ranch in Hawaii for three months now, but things there are not how her parents expected. During her uncle's long illness, the ranch was not productive, and neither he nor her parents have much money. Now a mean neighbor is threatening to buy the ranch, and Abby's parents and uncle don't have enough money to stop him. So Abby decides to use the pirate map she found...