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Got a Hold on You
Love Spell, Aug 2003 ISBN: 0505525496 Finance expert Frankie McGee takes a leave of absence to help save her Uncle Joe's professional wrestling business. However, she learns the business from the inside when the six-foot giantess portraying the amazonian character Tatiana the Tigress leaves for Hollywood just before a critical performance. Frankie takes over the role. Wrestling superstar Black Jack Hudson is nearing retirement time, but woul...
Ring Around My Heart
Love Spell, Sep 2004 ISBN: 0505526093 Wrestling promoter Cosmos Perini needs a hero like the Hulkster was in the 80s if his association is to remain competitive with anything goes including XXX Steel's Outrageous Wrestling. In desperate straits, he hires single mom public relations specialist Alexandra Hayes to a three month contract to change arrogant Luke “Loverboy” Silver from a bad guy to a good guy over Silver's violent objections. Alex ...