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Goose Chase
A normal goose girl becomes gifted with wealth and the rulers of different kingdoms want her, leading to a journey through the land. The King kills Alexandria's canary. From the tower she's trapped in, she asks him why he did it and receives a false answer. She asks if his subjects would miss him and he replies negatively. To get rid of him, she lies that Prince Edmund of Dorloo is coming but turns out to be true. Both the King and Prince of neighb...
Owl in Love
Owl is not your usual teenager. She's a shapeshifter, who can turn into an owl at will. Owl attends regular school and has acquired a crush on her science teacher, so at night she flies to the woods behind his house, and after she has caught prey, sits on a tree branch outside his bedroom window to watch him sleep. One night Owl notices a strange young male camping in the woods behind her teacher's house, and she starts looking for him every night. W...
The Woman in the Wall
Anna is a very small and very shy 7-year old who panics when her mother tells her that she has to go to school! Anna's mother has let Anna stay home two extra years because of her small size, so Anna knows that her mother means what she says. After Anna is traumatized by the school psychologist's visit to her home, Anna begins to make a place where she can stay within the walls of the house, and thus avoid going to school. Without really realizing it,...