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Eyes of Betrayal
Amber Quill, 2003, 230 pp. ISBN: 1592799582 Marcus "Snake" Gallego accompanied by Egan "Villain" Tate and Ginny Summers returns to Henry County, Ohio to try to keep the woman safe from her biker friends. If the California based Chief Randy Craig learns where Ginny is he will kill her and probably former member Villain too as no one quits the gang. Someone kills Ginny in the same manner, tied to a bedpost, in which Snake's wife was murdered tw...
Kiss of Deceit
Amber Quill, Oct 2002, 15.49, 274 pp. ISBN: 1592799906 In Ohio homicide detective LeAnne McVeigh brings in for questioning Marcus “Snake” Gallego biker husband to the first female victim Jillian, dead of erotic asphyxiation. However, soon other women soon follow with the only connections between them apparently being that they cheated on their husbands and that the serial killer relishes his deadly power trip. LeAnne continues to investigate ...