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Lady Grace Mysteries: Assassin
Lady Grace Cavendish grew up at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. When her mother died after accidentally drinking poison meant for the queen, Elizabeth took the responsibility of securing Grace's future upon herself. Now thirteen years old in the spring of 1569, Grace is a Maid of Honor to the queen, and the time has come for her betrothal. Even though she will not have to marry for three more years, Grace still dreads being betrothed. Elizabeth plans a l...
Unicorn's Blood
Unicorn's Blood opens with a man who has lost his memory, and his hands are severely injured, but of course, he can't remember why. We come to find out he is in the Tower of London, marked as a traitor to Queen Elizabeth I, and is being questioned by a Mr. Davison, and his hands have been injured as he has been shackled and hung from a beam for hours on end. He has truly lost his memory, due to a blow to his head from his capture, but of course, his capt...