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Seducing the Prince
Regina Bradford's father forces her to marry a man she does not love or even like, in order for her children to be of noble blood. Although Regina just wants to be novelist. At a house Party she meets Prince Viktor Kanzanov, a Russian Prince, and start talking about their respective mates who are having an affair with each other. The Prince is impressed by Regina's wit and her beauty with flaming red hair. When Regina's husband and viktor's wif...
To Catch a Countess
High-spirited Victoria Douglas is shocked to discover that she has been betrothed to Alexander Emerson, the Earl of Winchester and the son of the man who impoverished her family, for over a year. Just the day before, she had decided to practice her flirting skills on the handsome lord. Throughout the story, Victoria struggles to exemplify a lady worthy of the Earl of Winchester before the eyes of the ton. She valiantly presents herself to society whil...
To Charm a Princess
Zebra, Jun 2003, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0821774727 In 1812 England, Samantha Douglas knows that the carriage accident that left her with a notable limp makes her inferior to her aristocratic peers. Yet for some reason Russian Prince Rudolf Kazanov enjoys her company. However, he knows nothing can come of this because he fled his homeland, accompanied by his young daughter and his mother, after allegedly stealing one of his country's heirlooms. He...
To Love a Princess
Zebra, Nov 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0821777092 In 1820 Miles Montgomery's wife and unborn child died in a fire and his face become's scarred while failing to rescue them. Later, Prince Rudolf Kazanov and Duke John Saint-Germain visit on business. John informs Miles that his wife who is Miles' sister insists he remarry and sire an heir or Terrence the Weasel will inherits the estate. In Moscow, Princess Amber Kazanov overhears her guardian Uncle Fed...

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