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Death In Dark Waters
St. Martin's, Feb 2004, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0312321554 After a night spent in the Carib Club on Chapel Street in Bradford in Yorkshire County England, Jeremy Adams is hit by a car while dancing in the street. Tests show that he was high on the drug Ecstasy and his father a very wealthy and powerful business man wants the dealer behind bars and the club closed down. Detective Michael Thackeray is assigned the case but he thinks the angry father'...
Deep Freeze
St. Martin's, Jan 2003, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN 0312281125 Deputy Chief inspector Michael Thackeray has finally taken the first stops towards making a new life with his lover Laura Ackroyd. He has filed for divorce from a wife who is confined to a mental institution with no hope of recovery, and he and Laura have moved in to a flat together. Although Laura would like a child with Michael, she dare not bring the subject up since he has never recover...
Skeleton At The Feast
St. Martin?s, Jan 2001, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN 0312282687 Detective Michael Thackery is in trouble with the Bradfield brass since a female police officer died on his last major case. The leadership claims negligence on his part and failure to obey orders caused the death. He is up for review in a short time but his superior, Detective Superintendent Jack Longley sends Michael to a seminar at St. Fridsuade's College to keep him out of the firing...