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Not Guilty
Pocket, April 2002, 24.00, 400 pp. ISBN 0743423550 Keely is happily married to Richard Bennett and living in Ann Arbor with him and their nine-year-old son Dylan. The only problem is Mark's crippling migraines, which come with increasing frequency and cause Kelly and Dylan to remain absolutely silent when he's in the throes of one. One day, when Keely comes home from work, she sees Richard dead, the victim of suicide and her son hiding in t...
Stranger in the House
Pocket, Nov 2003 ISBN: 074342364X In Connecticut, pregnant Anna Lange plays outside with her son Paul when her ailing daughter Tracy cries out from inside the house. Anna leaves Paul outside as she enters her house. When she goes back outside Paul is gone. Eleven years later, Anna is the only one that still believes Paul lives. Her husband Tom and Tracy gave up hope years ago. The disappearance destroyed family relationships. Police D...
Suspicious Origin
SUSPICIOUS ORIGIN has been first published in 2003. Britt Andersen is a successful producer at a Boston TV network. One night, she's called by her brother-in-law who tells her that her sister Greta has just died in a fire in her family house in Vermont. Britt heads to Vermont, meeting her brother in law Alec and her niece Zoe. After a few days, Britt is convinced that Alec is the one who set the house on fire and she helps the local police to find ...
The Girl Next Door
Atria, July 2004, 292 pp. ISBN 074323615 Fifteen years ago Nina Avery returned home from her first date to find her mother dead and her father trying to shield her from the carnage. After an investigation Nina's father Douglas, a well respected doctor, is charged with the crime and found guilty of second degree murder. Her brother Jimmy, an alcoholic and drug addict, was placed in the care of neighbors where he straightened his life out, her ol...

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