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Callie seems like an average teenager. She has a normal family consisting of her parents and younger brother Sam, goes to high school and runs track. Although her younger brother is often sick, Callie's life seems normal. But Callie's life is not normal. Callie has a dangerous secret:she cuts herself. One day, a school nurse sees the scars on Callie's arms, and it is decided that Callie needs help. She is sent to a residential treatment facility ...
A young Nepalese girl is sold into sexual slavery in India. Lakshmi, a 13 year old girl from Nepal, lives in a small mountain village with her mother, Ama, her baby brother, and her gambling addicted stepfather. Despite being poor, she enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Lakshmi's stepfather does not work; instead, he gambles away their meager earnings in the tea shop and spends the left over money on himself. One day during monsoon season, a particular...