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Naughty Or Nice
Cindy Warren is the manager of a small, somewhat eccentric hotel. The hotel's owners are sending a corperate hatchet man to her hotel to evaluate its worth, and Cindy and her staff are frantic to make everything perfect for the upcoming evaluation, which is to be performed by Stanton, a man known for his ruthlessness. Unbeknownst to Cindy, Stanton arrives at her hotel a week early, planning to make his preliminary examination of the hotel undercover. He...
Silken Threads
Soldier of fortune Graeham Fox has been sent to London by his overlord, Baron Gui de Beauvais, to remove Lord Gui's daughter, Ada le Fever, from the hands of her abusive husband. As payment Lord Gui has promised Graeham the hand of his other daughter along with a sizable estate, much more than an illegitimate, landless soldier could ever hope for. Before Graeham can complete his mission, he's attacked by thugs and forced to recuperate in the home of Jo...