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Around the World With Auntie Mame
In this sequel to "Auntie Mame", Patrick's young son is being Shanghied by Auntie Mame into traveling around the world for a year "to enhance his education". His mother, knowing the free spirit and eccentricities of this aunt is to say the least, reluctant to let her child do this..however her husband, Patrick (Mame's nephew, whom she raised from the age of 9) proceeds to tell his wife about HIS trip around the world with Auntie Mame. This book is more...
Auntie Mame
Young Patrick Dennis, orphaned at the age of 9, is sent to live with his only living relative: his father's sister Mame, a free-spirited bachelorette in New York City. He arrives at Mame's during Prohibition, and the story follows his life with Mame through his college years. Although Patrick narrates the story, Mame is the real main character.We follow her through flapper parties, the Crash of 1929 (where she becomes a shopgirl at Macy's and meets the ...