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Barracuda 945
HarperCollins, Aug 2003, 25.95, 437 pp. ISBN: 0060086629 British SAS commando Major Ray Kerman stationed in Israel joins Hamas and quickly becomes a leader due to his bold successes in country. Abetted by the Iranians, Ray buys a Russian nuclear submarine, the Barracuda 945. He plans to attack the West Coast of the United States with missile strikes against the Alaskan oil supplies and the California electrical grid. National Security Adviso...
Nimitz Class
"Nimitz Class" is Patrick Robinson's first foray into novel writing, and it's quite successful. More often than not, a reader finds himself checking the New York Times for headlines of the nuclear disaster in the Persian Gulf. The novel begins with perhaps the most horrifying thing the US Navy could imagine: the loss of an aircraft carrier in a nuclear explosion and the deaths of her 6,000 crew. While the government admits to the loss of the carrier v...