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What drove brilliant novelist Ben Sachs to become a domestic terrorist? Told from the perspective of his closest friend and fellow writer, Peter Aaron, Sach's campaign to blow up replicas of the Statue of Liberty throughout small town America is revealed. Beginning with Sachs' own explosive death in rural Wisconsin, the story unfolds revealing the inner conflicts of a successful man obsessed with failure. ...
Mr. Vertigo
In the streets of St. Louis, vagabond kid Walt Rawley is recruited by a Jewish man, Mr. Yehudi, who claims he's seen "a great gift" in him. Soon after, Walt is taught to levitate several inches off the ground in a farm in the deep south, where Yehudi's family is threaten by the Ku Klux Klan and finally harmed. Eventually, Walt achieves success performing this act in a tour across the country, until his Uncle Slim shows up to get his cut of the profi...
The Book of Illusions
David Zimmer, Vermont Professor, has had a nervous breakdown following the deaths of his wife and two young boys in a plane crash. One day whilst deeply depressed he discovers the work of silent comedian Hector Mann. The film gives Zimmer new direction and he decides to try and view all of Mann's films and then write a book about him. He discovers that Mann had mysteriously disappeared whilst at his peak in the silent movie business. After Zimmer's ...
The Brooklyn Follies
Nathan Glass has decided to go to Brooklyn to die. His marriage has fallen apart, and his daughter will not speak to him anymore. He feels very much alone. Until, one day, he walks into a quaint little used bookstore only to meet Tom, his long lost nephew that he has not seen in years. Tom fills Uncle Nat in on the family, and how he has not heard from his sister Rory in years. Tom also introduces Nat to Harry, an ex-convict who also happens to be Tom's ...

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This is the story of Mr. Bones, a smart, sensitive dog who tries to survive on his own after homeless Willy Christman, the man he had been with since he was a pup, dies of illness and despair. Bones knows that if he doesn't find a new caring master within a short amount of time he will most definitely not survive. Dogcatchers, constables, the hyprocitic humane societies, some cruel humans, and Chinese restaurant owners are just examples of the dangers th...

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