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Buller murdered American Grace Flint's partner during an international sting, but when the gun turned on her, it jammed. So he kicked her face to pieces and crushed her chest under his boots. In a twist of fate's justice, he died soon after. Flint survived the physical trauma, and thanks to surgery, looks perfect. But the scars in her mind won't heal until she gains vengeance on the man who sicced him on her. Now, she's disappeared. She has an unknown...
Flint's Law
Putnam, July 2002, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0399148388 The Financial Strike Force is an international organization that focuses on money laundering on a global scale. Grace Flint, FSF Assistant Director is poised to bring down German crime czar Karl Groeber but it turns sour when an agent is killed. Grace takes this personally because she personally recruited the operative. After going over the failed investigation, it becomes apparent that someo...
When Operation Pentecost (a sting to capture the head of an international money laundering operation) is compromised by a leak, undercover agent Grace Flint is shocked to learn the identity of the 'mole'. But this is just part of a larger conspiracy and Grace must follow the trail across Europe to track down the ruthless double agent known as Mandrake. And when she finds him...what then? Maddeningly, this novel is apparently published elsewhere as 'Flint...