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A little Vietnamese girl's actions effect an entire racially segregated neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, prompting them to put aside their differences and get along. Kim and her mother and sister are Vietnamese immigrants who have settled into a neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio where racial tension is high. The people in the neighborhood just can't seem to get along. The story opens on the anniversary of Kim's father's death. Kim never knew her father as ...
Brent tries to kill himself after a disastrous attempt at becoming popular at yet another new high school. But in the crash that follows as he steers his car off the road, he survives, but accidentally kills a teenage girl. He is burdened with her death, his life, and, now, her mother's only wish, her only request: that he make 4 whirligigs and put one at each corner of the U.S.: Washington, California, Florida, and Maine. His parents argue, he decide...