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By Murder's Bright Light
In “By Murder's Bright Light,” Paul Harding (a nom de plume of Paul Doherty) presents us with his fifth installment of the Brother Athelstan series. In this episode, we find a seemingly unsolvable murder aboard one of his majesty's ships, "God's Bright Light." The captain has been poisoned and three crew members have disappeared, believed to have been murdered. As it turns out, the captain is part of a conspiracy to steal a large shipment of ...
The Assassin's Riddle
Someone is killing off the clerks at the Chancery of the Green Wax; someone has stolen a fortune in silver from the Crown, committing murder at the same time. In addition, there a crucifix that bleeds; and the Bishop is thinking of transferring Brother Athelstan to Oxford. Thus, Paul Harding presents us with the “puzzles and problems” of this episode involving our venerable Dominican friar. In “The Assassin's Riddle,” it takes all the intellec...