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Ross O'Carroll Kelly, The Miseducation Years
Ross O'Carroll-Kelly is an upper class south side Dublin teenager. He's in his last year in Castlerock College and starts for their Senior Cup Rugby team with his friends; Christian, Oisinn, JP and Fionn (and he sometimes goes to classes as well). Ross has it easy; a high social status, hundreds of girls falling to his feet wherever he goes, rich parents who would do anything for their only son, loads of friends and, of course, he's on one of Dublin's...
Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, The Teenage Dirtbag Years
Ross has moved on from Castlerock and has (some how) made it into college. He's taking a sports management course in UCD and after being the starting outhalf for the winning team of the SCT he's at the top of his social status and of course still getting all the girls he wants. Ross sets himself a goal for the year; To score, Denise Richard's look-a-like, Erika. The one girl who's not impressed by Ross's good looks and popularity and the one girl Ross ...