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The Pixel Eye
Tor, Aug 2003, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0765307359 The NYC Parks Commissioner reported that squirrels seem to have vanished from popular locales like Central Park, Prospect Park, and Van Cortlandt Park. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Jack Dugan, not willing to ignore anything since 9/11, assigns NYPD forensic detective Phil D'Amato to investigate. Phil interviews park workers who insist there is a dramatic drop in population without a rise in corps...
The Silk Code
Phil D'Amato, a forensic scientist working for the NYPD, gets caught up in a strange puzzle when a friend of his dies in his arms - while they're on their way to learn about a shady group of people who use biotechnology to control the world. D'Amato meets dead end after dead end (literally, in that everyone he meets dies), but eventually finds a strange, Neanderthal-like (but freshly dead) corpse in a local library. With that as a starting point, D'Ama...