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Murder in Mexico
Micheline and Alex Sorel have what everyone considers the perfect marriage. Alex is a very successful lawyer, and Micheline is his lovely independently wealthy wife. Alex is suddenly called upon to represent Leon Camusot, an automotive manufacturer building a new plant in the interior of Mexico. But just when Alex is expected to return to France, he does not show up. Instead he sends his legal partner to Micheline to ask for a separation. Michelin...
Night Train to Rangoon
Iuniverse, 2001, 11.95, 190 pp. ISBN: 0595165311 In 1974 Burmese soldiers hijack Air France Flight 194 after it left Bombay. They want to land in Rangoon, but fog forces them to go to Mogok. The military arrests internationally acclaimed director Sarajini Rama for delivering two and a half million rubles to the revolutionaries as a courier. Since the plane is too big to lift off from Mogok, the plan for the other hostages is to escort their g...