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The Edge Chronicles, Volume 2: Stormchaser
Set in the Edge, a vast land jutting out into empty and uncharted space, this book is highly imaginative, boasting a wide variety of species in addition to its unusual location. The second book in the Edge Chronicles, it picks up several years after Twig found his father, a sky ship (a sailing ship which flies through the air) captain named Cloud Wolf. Now sixteen years old, he serves onboard his father's ship as he makes trading runs to Undertown, a f...
The Edge Chronicles, Volume 7: Freeglader
Set in the imaginative world of the Edge, a world built upon a ship-shaped continent jutting out into an endless void, this is a story about a group of refugees fleeing Undertown, an overcrowded, industrialized city that was destroyed by a demented villain in a fit of vengeance with a dark maelstrom that has ravaged a considerable part of Edgeworld. Now all those who lived there, gnokgoblins, cloddertrogs, woodtrolls, waifs and many others are forced to...
The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods
Twig always felt out of place with the woodtrolls that raised him. In fact, he felt out of place in the Deepwoods, and often longed to see what lay beyond the thick canopy of trees that formed the forest roof. All the woodtrolls were adamant about staying to the path, but when Twig is sent to visit his cousin, he feels an overwhelming temptation to wander into the mysterious forest. Stepping off the path is the beginning of a string of adventures for ...
The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser
In this second book, Twig has now become a crew member on the sky ship Stormchaser. He's eager to learn how to fly the ship, but on his first try he accidentally cripples the ship. To pay for the repairs, the captain is forced to go on a quest to find stormphrax, an extremely heavy substance that is used to weigh down the floating city of Sanctaphrax. In order to find stormphrax, Stormchaser and its crew must mark the spot where a bolt of lightning st...

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