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Beneath the Surface
From different Caribbean backgrounds, Boni, Adlyn and Regina come together in Ottawa, Ontario and develop a close friendship; one that is certainly not without its ups and downs. Boni, who like Adlyn is a nurse at 'Universal' hospital, gladly steps in to fill the role of surrogate mother to Regina's eleven year old daughter,Tiffany, when Regina seems to be more interested in spending time with McIvor, her new love interest - traveling to Las Vegas an...
What Goes Around...
The story begins in the Caribbean island of Grenada. Jessica Farrow is a hardworking and intelligent student bringing great pride to her grandmother, Hilda Thorne, who is the only mother she has ever known. Her own mother died when Jessica was three years old. The Bailey family next door is like her 'extended family'. While attending high school, Jessica lives in the town with her father and stepmother, Ian and Albertine Farrow. Albertine's aversion...

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