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Enemy Women
Poet Paulette Jiles opens a chapter of Enemy Women with an yewitness account penned in the 1860s: ".....On this same raid they went into the home of two of my uncles and took them out and hung them to their own gatepost. They were big men and were my mother's brothers. My mother was there and saw it all and as long as she lived she never got over the shock. And they called that a civil war. It was the cruelest war we ever had." In 1864, t...
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather takes place in the Mid West at the beginning of the 1930s. The United States faces an economic depression, droughts and dust storms are sweeping all over the Mid West. Economic hardships and scratching out a living is now the top priority for many rural Americans. We are introduced to Jeanie who is a young girl and is somewhat a tomboy. Her father shows her more attention then her other two sisters and she often accompanies her father t...
The Color of Lightning
The American Civil War has ended and a newly freed slave from Kentucky Britt Johnson, moves with his family to Texas to start a new life. When Britt lived in Kentucky he was subjected to racism and violence, but in Texas he'll discover other dangers await him and his family. Britt and his family moved to the wild part of Texas where Indian raids often happen. During an Indian raid Britt's family are kidnapped and he leaps to action in order to rescue...