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Corpse Candle
After the disturbing death of a monk at the abbey of St. Martin's-in-the-Marsh, Hugh Corbett is commisioned by the king to uncover the mystery surrounding the abbot's death. Hugh arrives at the monastery to find that suspicion could be placed on any of the members, especially some of the leaders. Due to the Abbot's mysterious "suicide" note about the Corpse Candles, Hugh needs to sift through legend and old intrigues to discover the truth. Hugh learns t...
The Slayers of Seth
St. Martin's, Jul 2002, 23.95, 306 pp. ISBN: 0312282648 Pharaoh Hatusu's Chief Judge Lord Amerotke works a homicide case in which the accused Lady Neshratta allegedly poisoned her Hyksos lover Ipumer in a crime of passion. The evidence is very strong against the charged; if convicted she will be buried alive in the desert sands. Before Amerotke completes this case, another even more visible murder has occurred. Someone killed Egyptian hero Gen...