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Cacek had me totally enthralled with this witty and very violent werewolf "romance". C.K. Moselle a tabloid reporter finds herself in one of her ridiculous stories when she is saved from being shot to death by drug-up juvenile by a werewolf!After her lycanthrope savior kills her attacker and flees, C.K. called Cat and her photographer,Ed; they discover that Denver is the battleground between two competing werewolf clans and one of them is terroizing Denv...
Night Prayers
Design Image, 15.95, 219 pp. ISBN: 1891946013 All she ever wanted was someone who appreciated and cherished her. Instead, every male she ever met and went out with could be classified as card-carrying members of the 4F club (not the selective service interpretation). Being thirty seven and alone has driven Allison Garrett to seek men at the Silver Concho Saloon, but Seth is different than any man she ever met before. Not that he really car...