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Babylon Sisters
Catherine Sanderson is a 38 year old single mother raising a teenage daughter named Phoebe. Catherine's work as a liason for immigrant women seeking employment is enriching and positive. Catherine has just entered into a business arrangement with Ezola Mandeville, a successful black businesswoman who runs Mandeville Maid Services. Ezola has engaged Catherine's services to attract immigrant women to maid positions. The one problem on Catherine's horizo...
I Wish I Had a Red Dress
As white person, I picked this book up without a cover, not knowing it was a "black" story. I found the author's storytelling fascinating, along with the subject involved. The characters were very well defined without going into too much unecessary detail. It was a difficult book to put down and I was sorry when I was finished reading it, I wanted to hear more about the "Miz J's" life. ...
Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do
Regina Burns is attempting to rebuild her life after emerging from a successful rehab center for drug addiction. Regina's first step is to earn enough money to stop foreclosure proceedings on her family home, which she borrowed against during her drug addled period. Regina has entered into an agreement with her banker that allows her a 60 day period in order to come up with the money to pay her debts and save her home. When Regina receives a job offer...
What Looks like Crazy On an Ordinary Day
When I began this book I thought that I would not really enjoy a book about a black woman with HIV, boy was I wrong! This book touches the heart and soal. It is a powerful story of sisters, mothers, enemies, struggle, and best of all love. This book is a fast and easy read, I highly recemmond this book for anyone....

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