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Blizzard Disaster
Tom and Betsy are working together again on another school project. They decide to use a time traveling machine, an invention of Tom's late grandfather, and they go back the past. They go back to a blizzard that happened near the Rocky Mountains years ago which killed many people. They get stuck in the snow with a little girl,and can't escape with the time machine because it is frozen. It looks like time is running out again, only this time, will they...
Small Steps
In the book Small Steps a thirteen year old girl, Peg, gets polio, and has to go to a hospital called Unniversity Hospital for the first half of her recovering and for the second part she goes to Sheltering Arms. At Sheltering Arm Peg meets her new roomates Alice, Renee, Dorothy, and Shirley were she makes friendships she doesn't want to leave. Peg has to go through stages like getting hot packs and then using hot baths instead, or how she got a bed,...
The Volcano Disaster
Volcano Disaster is about a boy and a girl named Tom and Betsy. They are working together on a school project about the explosion of Mount St. Helens in 1940. Tom finds an invention of his dead grandfather, a backpack that is a time machine! Betsy and Tom put themselves back into time to Mt. St. Helens right before the explosion. Everything is going great and it looks like they are going to have a best project in the class. But they have one slight pr...