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Cloud Dancer
As the Spanish put their mark on the "New World," young Cloud Dancer's peaceful life at Acoma Pueblo crumbled before her eyes. Alone and bitter, the beautiful maiden leanred the fierce Apache ways of her lost love White Hawk and vowed never to kneel before the enemy again. Spirit Warrior White Hawk was still very much alive. And his heart knew boundless joy when he found Cloud Dancer had not perished in the massacre of her people. But the lovers f...
Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebellion-torn world, several continents away from what she considers home, and for the missing Amulet that can choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Stormrider is in her prime, trained like few others, strong and independent, when she is sent on a mission by the Circle of Nine to retrieve the missing Amulet of the Suonetar. Like the myths of old which tell of heroes and heroi...