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Look Homeward, Angel
Seventeen-year-old Angelique Boudreau couldn't be happier, for she is soon to marry nineteen-year-old Joseph Landry, the man she loves. But it's October of 1755, and life for Angelique, Joseph, and the other Acadians in their town of Grand Pre, Nova Scotia is about to change forever. One terrible day, the Acadian men of Grand Pre are deported by the British, and Angelique fears she will never see her father and her beloved Joseph again. Because her mothe...
My Beloved Waits
It's May 1865, and the Civil War is finally over, but for Grace Cunningham, the hardship has not ended. Her older brother died in battle, and she and her mother haven't had word from her father in so long that Grace assumes he has died as well. Just nineteen years old, Grace must keep their Alabama farm running so that the bank does not take it away and sell it to Yankee carpetbaggers, for her mother is not strong enough emotionally. One day, a Northerne...