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Now or Never
Mira, Dec 2003, 6.50, 448 pp. ISBN: 1551666715 In their early fifties, the four women have met for lunch once a month since they left their school days behind. Maggie stuns her friends when she announces that she is pregnant through artificial insemination from semen donated by her lover Oliver. Nicki is shockingly belligerent over the news. Perhaps that is caused by her terrible relationship with her adult stepdaughter Laura who just returned...
Possessed By The Sheikh
Part of a team of scientists in Zuran to protect the natural flora an fauna, Katrina ends up abandoned in the desert when she trys to escape the unwanted advances of her boss. She is captured by a band of outlaws, and the hero, Xander, has to fight another man in order to claim her for himself. Katrina is shocked and confused to realize that she is attracted to this dark and dangerous "outlaw" with the amber eyes. Passion and love begin to develop whi...
The Tycoon's Virgin
Jodi Marsh sneaks into the empty hotel room of Leo Jefferson, the new owner of a local factory. She wants to convince him to keep the factory open. Instead, she accidently gets drunk and falls asleep in his bed. He thinks she is a prostitute provided by local man, and against his better judgement, is seduced. Afterward he confronts her. He thinks she is out to embarass him and force him to sell factory so he treats her badly. But after a few days he chan...
Unforgettable Man
Harriet is working for a wealthy man as a caretaker. She needs money for her grandma's operation. So, she asks Gideon, her boss. He approves. Harriet is happy for that for she doesn't know that Gideon wants a revenge. Some years earlier, Gideon was only a poor boy working at her stepfather house. Then, he is fired because her stepfather saw him make out with Harriet. before leaving, her stepfather said that Harriet is a playgir. He thinks that he is a vi...

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