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No Angel
Overlook, Oct 2003, 26.95, 640 pp. ISBN: 1585674818 In the decade before WW I, aristocrat Celia meets Oliver Lytton, member of a giant publishing family. Though her family objects that his status is beneath her, Celia comprehends the changing early twentieth century world; she maneuvers her weak beau into marriage. When he goes off for war, she takes over the family business taking her sister-in-law as her only ally to the top with her. Celi...
Sheer Abandon
Three young girls - Martha, Clio & Jocasta - meet up at an airport's departure lounge, en route to a backpacking vacation which would take them to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand,and the Himalayas. They become friends and when they separate promise to get in touch with each other when they return to England. Sixteen years go by before they meet again. One of these girls, upon her return home, alone in a bathroom stall, had given birth to a baby girl...
Something Dangerous
Overlook, Oct 2004, 26.95, 710 pp. ISBN: 1585674826 In the late 1902s, the House of Lytton publishing company is one of the world leaders. Oliver and Celia run the firm from London, but also have successful branches in New York and Paris. Their late teen twin daughters Adele and Venetia enjoy the fruits of growing up in an affluent forward thinking family. Their brother Giles is angry that his parents force him to work his way up the chain eve...
Wicked Pleasures
This novel is a family saga, following the lives of a New York financier, Fred Praeger III and his family. Praegers Bank has been the family legacy for generations but Fred's son, Baby, takes no interest in carrying on the tradition. He is a reckless playboy who shirks responsibility and although his sister Victoria shows more potential, she is not given the option to go into banking. While making a name as a successful interior designer, Victoria meets ...

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