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Dead Body Language
Connor Westphall was considered the most exciting person in the small town of flat skunk, that is until one of the towns most prominent female citizens is found dead on her ex husbands grave. Connor who runs a newspaper looks into the murder of this women and ends up finding more mysteries than answers but in the end she is able to find the killer, but will that end her life as well?...
Right To Remain Silent
Connor Westphall moves from San Francisco to the fictional town of Flat Skunk to start her own newspaper after her grandparents leave her an old diner. Connor finds an odd assortment of characters and mysteries in this little town, and finds herself in the midst of murder mystery after murder mystery. Being deaf she can read lips and communicate with speech but reading lips proves to be an advantage in some instances because she is able to find out thi...
Silence Is Golden
Perseverance Press, Oct 2003, 13.95, 216 pp. ISBN 1880284669 She moved from San Francisco to Flat Skunk in the Sierra Nevada gold country to lead a serene life style. Lately life in the former boomtown is anything but peaceful. Connor Westphal is a bit skeptical when local resident Sluice Jackson, the town's eccentric and oldest living prospector, finds a gold nugget in the Buzzard Hill mine. The gold played out a long time ago but the owner i...