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Cormac O'Connor arrives in New York from Ireland in 1740 and stays forever. He is intent on avenging his parents' death at the hands of a treacherous earl. Through his association with an African magician, he acquires the ability to be immortal as long as he never leaves Manhattan. The book traces Cormac's adventures through and ever-changing New York as he pursues the earl's family through time and searches for the one woman who is his true mate. Co...
Snow in August
"Snow in August" is set in Brooklyn in 1947. Michael Devlin, an eleven year old Roman Catholic boy, befriends a rabbi who is a refugee from Prague. He listens to the rabbi's stories of the old country, helps around the synogogue and teaches the rabbi English. A gang of anti-Semitic teenagers try to intimidate the rabbi and Michael and eventually make good on their threats as one of them beats up the rabbi and puts him in the hospital. ...
Why Sinatra Matters
The author's work is perhaps a harsher biography than many that have been written about the legendary singer. Hamill tells about the musician's early life in Hoboken, New Jersey, the meteoric rise to stardom, the huge fall from grace in the late 40's, and the amazing comeback that took Sinatra's career to the heights of musical immortality. The book gives little details of the harsh drinking, the brawls, the numerous public broken marriages, but it sti...