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Simon & Schuster, Oct 2002, 24.00, 270 pp. ISBN 0743200195 After years of having no financial security at all, Nick Fashon believes he's about to have it all. He and his friend Vince own a fashion store, Love & Fashion, a place that is very popular. Nick is seeing Gretchen, a beautiful offbeat woman he thinks he's in love with and she with him. All Nick's dreams go up in smoke when the store is gutted by fire. Nick was living in the apartme...
Rag Man
Simon & Schuster, Oct 2001, 23.00, 252 pp. ISBN: 0743205596 Mack MacWray ran the sewing operation of Linkway Sportswear when the firm hired Lars Larson as national sales manager. Gradually, the two men bond and become friends so when Lars decides to open up his own company to compete with Linkway, Mack joins him, forming a partnership, Mac Lar Manufacturing. Mack owns sixty percent and is president. Mack believes everything is going ...