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A Perfect Crime
Bostonians Ned Demarco and Francie Cullingwood are having an affair, using the remote New Hampshire island cottage of Francie's globe trotting friend Brenda for their trysts. Ned, a radio talk show psychiatrist, will never divorce his wife Anne while his daughter Emilia is still young. Ned's wife is unaware of her husband's infidelity as is Francie's spouse Roger. Afflicted with malaise since his layoff one year prior, Roger has become sullen, inatten...
Down the Rabbit Hole
Ingrid Levin-Hill, age 13 is a star soccer player and aspiring actress. She stumbles into a murder mystery when her parents are late picking her up from the orthodontist. She gets lost in a seedy part of town when she tries to find her own way to soccer practice. A down and out woman known in the town as "Cracked up Katie" helps Ingrid by inviting her into her home, and calling a taxi for her. The next morning, Ingrid reads the headline to find t...
Revolution #9
Charlie Ochs has lived as a lobster fisherman for twenty years carefully guarding his secret past. Charlie was born Blake Wrightman. In college in the sixties, he was a part of a radical group which advocated the use of violence to protest the Vietnamese War. The group set a bomb to damage an ROTC building. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the timer was delayed and an innocent child was killed. Charlie and the rest of the group went undergroun...
The Tutor
Ballantine, July 2002, 25.95, 368 pp. ISBN 0345439384 When Brandon Gardner scores poorly on his SAT exam, his parents get him a tutor through a reputable agency. Julian seems like a nice person and quickly establishes a rapport with Brandon and the youngster's sister Ruby. The adults are very impressed with Julian, and Brandon and Ruby like the idea that they can trust him with their inner most secrets. Julian is creating the living epic nov...

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Their Wildest Dreams
Ballantine, August 2003, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN 034439392 Mackie learned what a louse her husband was after she discovered he was cheating on her and divorced her. The housing development they were creating went into foreclosure and the bank took possession of it leaving her and her daughter Lianne barely able to afford the payments on the model house. When she gets a notice from the IRS saying she owes over $100,000, she finds out Kevin did some ...

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