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Man Of The Hour
David Fitzgerald is teaching English at a high school in New York City, coping with a class of rowdy teen-agers at work and a less-than-mentally-stable wife (soon to be ex-wife) at home when a school bus is blown to bits by a terrorist bomb. David risks life and limb to rescue one of his students trapped on the bus and becomes an instant media celebrity, an experience he finds quite exhilarating and quite ego-expanding. But the thrill is short-lived as h...
Slipping Into Darkness
Twenty years ago, in 1983, Detective Francis X. Loughlin put away 17-year-old Julian Vega for the vicious murder of a young female doctor with a hammer. Vega has served out his sentence and has been recently released. But another young female doctor is murdered in Manhattan, and Loughlin can't help figuring Vega for the suspect. But a DNA test of skin under the new victim's nails not only doesn't implicate Vega, but turns out to contain the genes of t...
Slow Motion Riot
Steve Baum is a probation officer in New York City and his caseload is so excessive that he doesn't feel he can do justice to any of his clients. But he keeps trying, in the hope that he can change just a few people's lives for the better. Mainly though, he watches helplessly as his mostly lower-class clientele slowly but surely destroy their lives. Then one day he's assigned the case of Darryl King, a want-to-be drug lord with a penchant for violence...
The Intruder
Manhattan lawyer Jacob Schiff thought he had finally had it all. His wife, Dana and son, Alex live with him in an expensively furnished town house. Dana, a psychiatric social worker interviews a new patient, John Gates. Gates, now a homeless man, developes a strange infatuation with his new social worker, and begins to stalk Dana and her family. John becomes increasingly violent with the Schiffs. Jacob tries conventional methods to rid his family of...

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The Last Good Day
Little, Brown, Jun 2003, 24.95, 422 pp. ISBN: 0316098736 Riverside, New York Police Chief Harold Baltimore knows that the headless floater is not a poor person. He bases his conclusion on the liposuction scars found on the corpse. Harold soon learns that online sports-memorabilia salesman Jeffrey Lanier has filed a missing person's report. When he returned home from a business trip his wife Sandi was nowhere to be seen. Harold concludes that ...

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