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True History of the Kelly Gang (Thriller/Action)
Ned Kelly is the Australian Robin Hood - an underprivileged and unjustly persecuted man forced against the arm of the law due to injustice. Carey's story is set against the backdrop of the rural outback, and is written as the undiscovered memoirs of the great criminal, left for his daughter to hear his testimony. The memoirs tell how his family were harassed by the racist police, and how they attempted to deal with their problems. Tales of his childhood ...
True History of the Kelly Gang (Biography)
The book is written from notes left behind from Ned himself, so reads as an autobiography. It gives context to the life of Australia's most infamous bushranger, and details the events that led to his downfall and death....
True History of the Kelly Gang (Literature)
Ned Kelly, who lived in Australia, fights police corruption. He doesn't win....