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Some Deaths Before Dying
A dying woman investigates the loss of one of her long-dead husband's antique dueling pistols and finds answers to a puzzle that has haunted her for many years. The book is a murder mystery, but more importantly, a search for the truth. As Rachel Matson is almost completely paralyzed she uses her many photo albums and the help of her nurse to solve the mystery. The book is almost completely dialogue driven, and a masterly portrayal of a certain type o...
The Ropemarker
The Valley had always been a wonderful place to live, a peaceful place, but then the Empire came. Greedy tax collectors forced the farmers to pay back taxes for all the years that they didn't pay and the horse warriors on the plains raided, raped and murdered the people. Desperate, the Valley sent out a small group of people to seek aid from a powerful sorceress. Two of them found the sorceress, but she was dying and so sent them on to the great wizard F...