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Fallen Dragon
This is a multi-faceted story exploring the advancement of human society several hundred years in the future. It is a techno-heavy story. It has an ostensible framework based on war, and has several rather interesting concepts. But it is truly an exploration of society and how we may develop. There is an underlying humanitarian edge to the main character as well. Overall a really really enjoyable story....
Pandora's Star
Del Rey, March 2004, 26.95 768 pp. ISBN 0345461622 It is the golden age of humanity thanks to Nigel Sheldon and Ozzie Isaac, the two scientists who developed the math that made wormhole technology possible. Mankind travels between the six hundred colonized worlds by using wormhole generated vessels. Rejuvenation is available to all so everyone can live as long as they want. If they are killed, a clone is created of that person and their stored...
The Nano Flower
This is a cyberpunk story set in a near future earth that has been radically changed by global warming. This book and its prequels explore the cultral and social changes experinced by the inhabitants of England due to raising water levels and the rapid expansion of technological advances. In this, the last in the triology, rich and spoiled Julia Evans (CEO of the most powerful company in Europe) has grown to a thoughtful and well considered maturity and ...
The Reality Dysfunction
In a distant future, when humanity has expanded over the Galaxy, in a primitive world only recently colonized,Lalonde, the attempt of contact by an alien energy being frees the lost souls of the beyond, who begin possessing humans. Joshua Calvert, a pilot-trader on the Space Station Tranquillity recovers a computer database who will solve the mistery of what happened to a vanished xenoc race. He will later go to various planets, unknowingly allowing th...

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