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Magic, Malice and Murder
The stage was set and the Great Zaganinii was about to perform his death-defying Tomb of Death escape. The famous Italian Master Illusionist's finale always received a standing ovation and he expected no less from the audience in the historical Firenze theatre. When the 1,000-pound wrecking ball dropped from the sky-high crane, there was no thought of a crazed killer out to spoil the act. Who in their right mind would want to end the life of such a popul...
Running From Justice: A Tale of Fugitives on the Run
Sheppard Earl, a bail bondsman and Terrance Jones, a bounty hunter, work hand in hand with Shep bailing them out and Terry chasing them down. Shep, who is a chain smoking cigarette addict, has financial and marital problems and stress like you wouldn't believe. Terry is a six-foot-six, 285 pound intimidating black man who is very sensitive to the plight of the minorities he is forced to apprehend, but making money seems to always rule in the end. Shep en...
The Minyanaires (Literature)
The Minyanaires is a book about the motivations and beliefs of a small group of Jews who, through their daily synagogue attendance, provide the minyan or quorum of ten, required for those who come to say Kaddish in memory of a loved one. In interview style, the author queries 19 regulars and 5 members of the clergy as to their beliefs about God, the Soul, Prayer, Miracles and Destiny. He delves into universal questions that cross over religious lines, ma...
The Minyanaires (Biography)
"The Minyanaires" is a book about a group of dedicated men and women who are drawn to synagogue to attend the daily minyan. These spiritual members provide the necessary quorum, or minyan of ten, required for mourners to recite the Holy Kaddish prayer. Nineteen members of Baltimore's Beth El Congregation morning minyan as well as five members of the clergy are interviewed about their beliefs in God, the soul, prayer, miracles and much more. The author de...

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Time Passport
Albert Korn is a successful Florida executive who loves to sail. When he decides on early retirement at 55, his first purchase is a 35-foot British Hunter sailing yacht with all the bells and whistles. Korn and his wife of 25 years, plan a second honeymoon in Bermuda, but she prefers flying over sailing the open waters. The two agree to meet on the tropical island within a week, the time it takes Korn to sail from Ft. Lauderdale. The plans are interrupte...

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