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Sergeant Cribb and Constable Thackery are plunged into the world of Victorian music halls. Spangles, tights, footlights, and frolics meet the cynical Cribb as he investigates a series of bizarre and embarrassing accidents to different performers. Can he and his hirsuite constable discover who's responsible before a fatality? The sword-swallower, the trapeze artistes, the strongman, the singer ... all from different music halls - what is the connection...
Soho, Nov 2004, 13.00, 359 pp. ISBN: 1569473773 The are a weird mystery fan group who meet in strange places like crypts to hold discussions. Just prior to tonight's meeting Milo finds a rare Penny Black stamp inside a John Dickson Carr novel; the stamp was recently stolen from the Postal Museum. Not long afterward, Milo is found dead in his locked riverboat and the stamp is missing. The killer sends riddles to the police and the media driv...
Invitation To A Dynamite Party
Victorian policeman Sergeant Cribb is suddenly sent for a quick course in bomb-making and disposal - there's been several outrages in the heart of London and Cribb has been seconded to Special Branch. His side-kick, Constable Thakeray is suspected of being a 'mole' so Cribb is alone! Thus he's briefed to make contact with a group of Irish criminals, posing as a professional 'Dynamiter'! He must persuade them of his credentials, uncover their plans and...