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A Year in Provence
Successful London advertising executive Peter Mayle fled to the south of France with his wife, bought a farmhouse, and began to settle into the rhythms, culture, and especially the cuisine of Provence. His book about the first year there is filled with amusing incidents, eccentric characters, problems with remodeling, and great eating. The tone is light, gently mocking (of both author and subjects), and utterly winning. Don't miss the great goat race lat...
Chasing Cezanne
Andre Kelly is a freelance photographer in New York working primarily for Camilla Jameson Porter, the much despised yet respected editor of the trendy magazine "Decorating Quarterly". When he is sent to the south of France for a photo shoot, Andre attempts to use some downtime to reacquaint himself with the young and attractive daughter of a former client, Bernard Denoyer on Cap Ferrat. Kelly soon realizes that the house is closed up, while the family sp...
Hotel Pastis
In his first novel, the PR man of Provence presents the story of a London ad exec who quits the business to open a small hotel in the south of France. There is romance in the form of a French woman, plenty of humor in the town's longtime inhabitants and various hotel guests (not to mention the hilarious scene where his old firm is trying to land a big condom account), and a subplot about a French gang's plan to rob a bank in a neighboring town which seem...
Toujours Provence
The sequel to A Year In Provence. This account of the life of an ex-pat Englishman and his wife in rural Provence doesn't really have a narrative as such, rather being a series of chapters about the author's experiences of life in France. Subjects include: going native, tracking down a rumour about singing toads, what it's like to be a minor celebrity, wine tasting, a glorious birthday picnic, wonderful meals and great restaurants, and what it's like to ...

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