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Los Angeles
Angel Veronchek, the albino son of a Hollywood mogul, is a young man with psychological problems. He is being treated with drugs. He meets his new next door neighbor, a black woman named Angela. She dances at a topless club under the name Cassandra. They become friendly, and then romantically involved. One night she phones him, says his name and then hangs up. When he tries to get her back, he cannot reach her. Her apartment is empty. Convi...
Pilot Airie has suffered psychotic breaks since he was nine years old. These started to occure around the time his seven year old sister, Fiona, disappeared from a party being held at their house. His brother Eric became a brain surgeon and was adored by everyone. When Eric becomes involved with Pilot's therapist, Pilot begins to remember pieces of the past and worry for her safety. He tries to convince her and his mother that Eric killed Fiona, but ...