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Byron In Italy
In 1816, scandal over his womanizing forced Byron to leave England and seek refuge on the continent. Together with some of his comrades and the woman he was currently attached to, Claire Clairemont, he ended up in Italy, where he also joined up with the poet Shelley and his wife Mary. The writers had a good effect on each other, all producing very fine work during their time together. Perhaps the most famous product was Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein...
Byron: The Years of Fame
Peter Quennell's biography covers Byron's life from 1811 to 1816. He begins with the poet's arrival back in England after his European tour. "Childe Harold" had been published and he found himself a celebrity. Blessed with a beautiful face and his new found fame he also found himself the object of the attentions of good many women. The book talks about his affair with Lady Caroline Lamb, his marriage to Annabella Milbanke, and his possible relation...