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Peter Robinson continues to keep us on the edge of our seat with AFTERMATH. This entry in the Alan Banks series is very possibly his best yet and is a very dark tale indeed, concerning the lasting effects on society as well as individuals of sexual abuse and obsession. His relationships with soon to be ex-wife, Sandra and current lover, Annie form an important sub-plot and in no way detract from the main story line. Highly recommended!...
Close to Home
Peter Robinson has written another Inspector Alan Banks mystery. The police culture in England has changed over the years. In the 21st century Alan Banks discovers that the local hoods don't seem to have the police in their pockets in order to maintain power over their small town constituency. This discovery opens his case wide open. Alan and his friend Graham saw a lot of action together that summer in 1965. Teenagers love the fair, the beach, re...
In a Dry Season
Detective Investigator Allan Banks has been relegated to a desk job. All he wants is to plunge himself into a real case which can rescue him from professional tedium, and maybe even from himself. His empty life needs something since his wife left him and his son isn't speaking to him. Then a local dried out reservoir literally unearths a body found buried under a shed in the once flooded village of Hobb's End. The body belongs to a young woman b...
Playing With Fire
Morrow, Feb 2004, 23.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 006019877X Near the village Molesby, a firefighter noticed that an accelerant may have caused the inferno that destroyed two barges and killed two people in the dead end canal. The Western Area Police Headquarters Major Crimes took over the investigation into what caused the deaths of the two charred corpses that if not for the firefighter's recent class and observation would have been written off as accide...

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Strange Affair
Strange Affair is another book in Peter Robinson's popular Inspector Banks series. Banks has lost his home to a fire. Coupled with his previous divorce and a failed romance, this event plunges Banks into a depression that isolates him from his freinds and co-workers. He is jolted into action by the disappearance of his only brother. Following a series of clues that takes him to London, Banks uncovers evidence that his brother may have been involved...

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