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I See by My Outfit: Cross-Country by Scooter, an Adventureá
This is a classic road adventure. In the early 1960's, author Peter S. Beagle and his good friend Phil set out on a cross-country trip from New York to San Francisco, on two motor scooters. The story tells of people and places they visited along the way, and their friendship. They deal with all kinds of weather, good and bad, make frequent stops at repair shops to fix their ailing scooters, meet all kinds of interesting people and see interesting places ...
The Last Unicorn
One day a solitary unicorn overhears a conversation between two humans and realizes that she is the last of her breed. Setting out to find out what happened to the others, she soon picks up a couple of human companions. She is rescued from a travelling carnival by the inept magician Schmendrick, who has great potential for magic, but cannot control it, and when they meet a group of outlaws, the outlaw's cook, Molly Grue, decides to go with them. They...

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