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Ghost Story
Ghost Story is a complex book with a complicated plot and is written in a style that is not conducive to easy reading. It is filled with drawn-out complex sentences that sometimes make the reading a chore. But Ghost Story is worth the effort and concentration. Filled with vampire-like creatures and were-wolf types as well as an astoundingly elusive creature which may or may not be a ghost, Peter Straubs tale of the Chowder Society and what befalls them i...
In the Night Room
Random House, Oct 2004, 21.95, 330 pp. ISBN: 1400062527 Willy Patrick should be ecstatic as she has found love again with wealthy businessman Michael Faber especially since he has moved her into his mini-mansion in Hendersonia, New Jersey. Still the young adult author has some issues for instance she has to fight herself from busting into a warehouse where she feels her dead daughter waits for her. Defeating the compulsion, Willy returns to her...
Lost Boy Lost Girl
Random House, Oct 2003, 24.95, 281 pp. ISBN 1400060923 Phillip Underhill doesn't have a clue what is going on in his own home. His wife Nancy, usually a cheerful person, is getting more withdrawn by the day and the only one who notices it is their son Mark. Phillip doesn't realize that she is remembering a time when her cousin by marriage asked for help for her and her daughter and she refused to give it. When Mark isn't worrying about his mot...
Magic Terror
An incredible short story collection from one of the best fantasy/horror writers in the genre!...

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