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The Desert Spear
Jardir, a warrior in the desert Kingdom of Krasia, trains to lead the nightly battle against the demon hordes and fulfill his destiny to unite the kingdoms of humanity against the supernatural threat. The Desert Spear is the second book in Peter V. Brett's Demon Cycle, and it tells the story of Jardir, a warrior in the desert land of Krasia, who rises in rank to claim the title of Shar Dama Ka, essentially a Krasian messiah. Instead of picking up where t...
The Warded Man
After his village is attacked by demons, young Arlen escapes to train as a messenger and learn how humanity can fight back against the nightly demonic threat. The Warded Man tells the story of Arlen, a young boy living in a rural village in a land beset by nightly onslaughts from bloodthirsty, elemental demons. The only defense that Arlen and his village have against the demons are a series of complex wards that they paint on their homes and villages to ...