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A House Called Awful End
Eddie's parents are sick and the doctor has them doing some unusual things to get better. Eddie is sent to stay with an Aunt while his parents recover. This Aunt is as crazy as they come. His Aunt carries around a stuffed stout that she believes is real. She thinks Eddie should try acting and suggests acting as an orphan. This lands him in an orphanage called St. Horrids Ophanage. ...
Dreadful Acts
Eddie Dickens and his parents have moved in to Awful End, Eddie's great aunt and uncle's house. Mad Uncle Jack built a tree-house made of fish in the garden, and Even Madder Aunt Maud is living in a parade float shaped like a hollow cow. On top of living with his insane relatives, Eddie must deal with a hearse that has mysteriously arrived in his driveway, a huge explosion that occurs when his father lights a cigar next to some escaped gas, a hot air b...